Food Therapy: Food as Medicine

“What is the best food for my pet?”

Have you ever noticed how warm you feel inside after eating a bowl of oatmeal or beef stew, or how a salad or watermelon can cool you down in the summer? Different foods have different energetic effects on our bodies.  Each of our animal friends has different needs, according to their age, breed, health issues, constitution, and environment, as well as the season.  Food can also be an important form of daily therapy for pets with chronic medical issues, including geriatric pets and those with cancer.

Whether you want to home cook for a sick pet, find out what type of prepared food (including canned, dry, or raw) to feed your healthy pet, or something in between, a food therapy consult can give you the information you need.

Bring to your appointment a can, package, or ingredient list of the food(s) you are currently feeding. Dr. Karen Fine will obtain a thorough history from you (including information on your pet’s medical issues, behaviors, past diets, and environment) and perform a Traditional Chinese medical exam on your pet to determine the best proteins, grains, and vegetables for his or her unique needs.  She will then work with you to create a unique dietary plan for your pet that also fits your lifestyle. 

Dr. Fine is currently booking Holistic Food Therapy Consults at Central Animal Hospital in Leominster.  To schedule an appointment, call 978-537-0239.