I am a holistic veterinarian who also writes about pet loss, grief, the human-animal bond, and holistic veterinary medicine. In the picture above, I have just inserted acupuncture needles into a dog during a home visit. You can find me at Central Animal Hospital in Leominster, Mass, doing home visits, or writing!

I am currently working on a veterinary textbook about Narrative Medicine, a growing field in human medicine that can help veterinarians improve care by viewing our patients and clients in the context of their larger story. I am also working on a memoir about my experiences both as a pet owner and as a veterinarian.

Good news! I have another article nominated as a finalist for the Dog Writer’s Association of America’s writing contest! 10 Tips for Navigating Tough Decisions About Your Dog was in Bark Magazine. Last year, another Bark Magazine article, A Veterinarian’s Prescription for Grief (or, How I Mourned My Own Dog)” was also nominated. If I win, I get a medallion with a dog on it -which would be great! – but it’s an honor just to be nominated.

I also have an article in the new edition of Inside Your Cat’s Mind, called The Five Faces of Fluffy. It’s about how Traditional Chinese Medicine can help us understand our cat’s personality traits. The magazine is print only and available at Barnes & Noble and Whole Foods.